Badger baiting

On Saturday afternoon, SBG was alerted to the appearance of a badger, dead in suspicious circumstances, on the M54 near Tong in Shropshire.
One of our members went out to investigate, and did indeed feel that the death was suspicious. Badgers surely get killed frequently on the motorway. True; but how many are in black bin bags?
The badger was removed to a safer place and examined by two members, who found it to have not only catastrophic injuries to its rear end - which could indeed have been caused by an RTA - but also wounds to the neck and a badly broken jaw. 
Whatever happened to this badger, it died a violent death. 
The scourge of badger baiting and digging is never far away. Needless to say, the wildlife police have been informed. And the badger has now been buried in a peaceful place. 
No doubt nothing much can be done now on this particular case; but hopefully it will add to a building picture that may, in time, help to convict the people who see fit to torture wild animals in their leisure time.