Latest vaccination news

Our vaccination programme this year has been a big success so far. With another eight badgers vaccinated against TB at a site just over one week ago, the total now stands at 34, and there is one more site to go.

Our team of qualified vaccinators has done the work free of charge to the farmers who signed up for the scheme. Shropshire Badger Group believes that our badger vaccination approach offers a positive response to a relatively limited problem, in place of the discredited government cull that has indiscriminately killed many perfectly healthy badgers that would otherwise have boosted overall immunity in the badger population to bovine TB.

As an entirely self-funding small local charity, we welcome any offers of financial or practical help from businesses and members of the public in order to further our objectives. For more information please leave a message on our helpline: 01743 271999, or use the contact form on our website.