Hereford protest

The Hereford Badger Group held a protest yesterday (21st November 2015) against the possible rollout of the government’s badger cull to the county next year.

Dominic Dyer, Badger Trust chief executive, Mark Jones, a vet with Born Free Foundation and Lynn Sawyer, an activist, all spoke to the crowds who turned out to make their voice heard.

Despite the lack of success –on any criteria – of the government’s previous ‘trial’culls in Gloucestershire, Somerset and Dorset, it still seems hell bent on rolling out the flawed and cruel measure to other counties.

Lynn Sawyer urged local people to get out and get to know their local setts, to keep an eye on them and report any unusual or suspect activity BEFORE any cull starts, so that they can be well prepared to defend their local badgers if and when the time comes.

The BBC reported on its website that campaigners started the march around town at 1pm, followed by speakers and discussion at Castle Green.

Nigel Tolly, from West Midlands Badger Group, which joined the protest, said they wanted to recruit people to take part in a lawful, peaceful protest during a cull if it was rolled out to Hereford.

"The idea of the event is to bring public awareness of the fact that a badger cull could be rolled out into Hereford next year," he said.

You can listen to video of the speeches on YouTube of Dominic Dyer, Lynn Sawyer and Mark Jones.