Local Protection

The Shropshire Badger Group’s members are a network of people committed to protecting badgers and helping people to live in peace with them. There are many ways our members do this, from advice about how to protect your garden from digging badgers, to checking on setts to ensure they are not disturbed, to reporting possible wildlife crime and helping injured badgers.

Cuan Wildlife is a charity based in Much Wenlock that cares for all British wildlife; creatures found injured or orphaned or sick. As such, it is here where most badgers in need of help end up, brought in either via the RSPCA or via a member of the public with help from Cuan Wildlife and/or the Badger Group. Badgers receive  care and treatment, if necessary from the nearby Severn Edge Vets, and are rehabilitated for release back into the wild.

Obviously Cuan Wildlife plays a vital role in the protection of badgers in Shropshire so if you want to know whether there are any badgers being currently cared for and how you might help, simply click on the link.