Sett Records

The Shropshire Badger Group has collected data over the course of many years of a large number of setts in Shropshire, and aims to keep the information up-to-date with the help of local area contacts, who keep an eye out for their local setts.

Businesses such as construction firms often contact SBG to request this information when they are planning developments, for example, to find out whether there are setts that may be affected by the work and for which they may, therefore, require a licence from Natural England.

If you know of a sett, or are not sure whether a badger is occupying a particular location and you would like us to check, go to CONTACT US and put as much information as possible on the Contact Form so we can check our records and if necessary arrange a visit.  Or if you wish you can ring the Badgerline on 01743 271999 and leave the details there.